Westcliff Group’s growth stems from over 50 years of know-how in the development, construction, and management of large-scale real estate projects in Canada and the United States. The company employs around 500 people, including 100 at its head office.


More than half a century of fine-tuning our approach


A portfolio of over 40 major projects supported by our 500 employees


Rental square feet and land for future development

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Our integrated approach

Over the years, teamwork, integrity, and creativity have contributed to the company’s outstanding performance.

Westcliff’s reputation today is also built on in-depth industry knowledge and experience in all aspects of the business. From property acquisition to development projects or revitalization projects and from property management to leasing and financing, our team identifies the best opportunities.

Integrity and expertise drive our growth

Renowned for its commitment to building lasting relationships with its partners and customers, Westcliff relies on the excellence, efficiency, involvement, and professionalism of its team members.

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Executive Team

Our management team has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to identify and develop growth-generating real estate projects.

  • President

  • Alan Marcovitz

  • Associate

  • Adam Marcovitz

  • Vice-President of Westcliff and Head of Leasing

  • Nicolas D’Aoust

Sharyn Gore -
  • Vice-President and General Counsel

  • Sharyn Gore

  • Vice-President, Finance

  • Robert Béasse

  • Vice-President, Development

  • Hugues Dupuis

  • Vice-President, Construction

  • Sébastien Dupuis


  • Senior Portfolio Manager and General Manager, Operations

  • Camil Garneau

  • Manager, Communications and Marketing

  • Julie Touchette


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